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DIY Water Jetter Kit


DIY Water Jetter 2The 'DIY' Water Jetter Kit is a Do It Yourself Kit that can be built to fit where you want it to suit your custom specifications. We deliver you a pallet with the main items including the engine and pump (21lpm or 31lpm) and the water/fuel tanks, hose reels, hoses, nozzles and accessories. You only pay for what you need saving you extra dollars especially if you are handy with this type of installation work.





The 'DIY' Water Jetter is another good all-rounder and is capable of clearing drains from 40mm up to 150mm with ease. It has been adapted as an industrial pressure cleaner and a grit blasting machine for surface preparation. It has been on the market for several years now targeting plumbers who want a 'no fuss' bolt down water jetter for their trucks.


We have have been installing our own DIY water jetter kits for years now, it suits us to build the jetter where we want it in our trucks so they all look the same. I'd recommend it to the punter who has the time to set out a really nice custom job on their truck.

             Jerard Davidson, Parramatta