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Ramjet 5000


Ramjet Water JetterThe RAMJET 5000 is a big, ballsy unit with 5000psi pressure and a huge 24 lpm flow rate to clear the stubbornest of drain blockages with ease. It is a strong, compact fully self-contained unit that will fit snugly onto trucks, utes & vans, and is ready to bolt down and go to work. There is an option to fit a higher flow 31 lpm pump to do drains up to 225mm.

Genuine 3 Year Warranty on engine, gearbox & pump
Built in Stainless fuel tank (27L) & water tank (38L) with low water cut-out
Tough Galvanised frame
Heavy Duty high & low pressure hose reels with extra hose capacity
Sealed battery with isolator switch to prolong battery life
Premium quality Bluflex thermoplastic jetting hose and Mustang fittings
Full package Includes Mini Reel, Mustang Nozzle Box, 15m Whip Hose & SS Lance Gun
Available with higher flow 31 lpm if required



The RAMJET 5000 is ideal for high pressure scrubbing of sewer and stormwater lines from 90mm to 225mm, and has the capacity to clear smaller branch lines by attaching a remote Mini Reel and a whip hose. If a lot of the lines to cleared are 150mm & up, this is the unit for you, with the extra flow. This machine will also run a Whirlaway Path Cleaner and a  Mustang Venturi Pump.      


I found the RAMJET 5000 after doing a lot of research online, it was just what I was looking for. It was shipped to me in New Zealand & I couldn’t be happier with the jetter.
Paul Feloff – Feloff Plumbing NZ