Hot Water

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BoilerJet trailer


Boiler Trailer JetterThe Boiler Trailer can be used with hot or cold water giving the operator a tremendous advantage when jetting grease lines as well as standard root and debris blockages. It’s like the difference between washing up in cold water instead of hot water. Standard domestic root blockages jetted with hot water will cauterize the roots, inhibiting them growing back as quickly as normal. 




US made Hydrotek HSC43006HAP boiler unit with diesel burner & Honda engine

Italian made Bertolini 4000 psi pump gives plenty of pressure

Large water tank with low water cut-out switch

7’ x 4’ gal trailer, can be made as a skid on request (Pictured in Steel)

Custom mounted High & Low Pressure reels, with storage space underneath


Please return soon to see the video of this product


Hot & Cold water drain jetting

Jetting restaurants and commercial drainage

Cauterizing roots in sewer & stormwater lines

Graffiti removal

Removing chewing gum from footpaths, etc.

General pathway, driveway, roof and pavement cleaning



The hot water trailer is a fantastic machine. We can use it across our various business ventures from drain jetting to building maintenance.

David Hensworth – National Contracting