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SteamJet Contractors Trailer Jetter


Contractors SteamJet Trailer water jetterThe SteamJet Contractors Trailer Jetter was designed by a cleaning contractor/plumber who wanted a large lockable storage box, a gutsy steamer/jetter that does not require a seperate power supply, both jetting and pressure cleaning reels, drain cleaning nozzles, water inlet feed hose reel, 5m extension wand, large whirlaway path cleaner, petrol blower and spare lances all on a trailer to tow behind his car as required. It's an awesome design and every owner has been very proud of their investment.



SteamJet Trailer JetterThis jetter configuration is multi purpose. Two operators can be cleaning at once. It can be used to clear drains, gutters, roofs, paths, grafitti, walls etc. Flick a switch and you have variable hot water on demand for clearing grease chokes, chewing gum and killing moss.


We recently purchased one of these contractor steam trailers and we have not stopped finding different uses for it. It will pay for itself soon!


Ron Burrell, Cleaning Contractor, NSW